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About Us

snow capped mountain view from Upper Klamath Marsh

What is UKBAC?

Upper Klamath Basin Ag Collaborative

Most reaches of the Klamath Lake and River have organizations that represent the landowners, producers, tribes, and conservation interests. Upper Klamath Basin (UKB) agricultural interests have been relatively unorganized and/or individualized. We lack representation on key water management issues. This puts the UKB in an extremely disadvantaged situation. Both the state and the federal government want to help us but cannot work with every landowner individually on large-scale solutions. The Upper Klamath Basin Ag Collaborative (UKBAC) was formed to fill this need. Members of our Executive Committee have been attempting to negotiate with several entities over many years to find ways of ensuring that the agricultural community can survive and thrive in the developing reality we find ourselves in today. 

Ranch Resiliency + Conservation

UKBAC Membership Enables a Collective Voice

The Upper Klamath Basin Ag Collaborative was formed to give landowners and producers a collective voice on issues of utmost importance to the resiliency of their properties. We believe there is a nexus between conservation and ranch resiliency. When pastures and grasslands are fallowed due to lack of water, erosion of topsoil occurs and sediment is transported into the surface flows of water which is devastating to the entire ecosystem. We seek solutions to mitigate these effects.

2001 view of Upper Klamath Basin ranch tributary pre-restoration

2001: tributary view pre-restoration

2007 view of Upper Klamath Basin ranch tributary post-restoration

2007: tributary view post-restoration

Restoration matters to many Upper Klamath Basin ranch families, as illustrated in the above photos showing tributary restoration over a six-year period.

Wood River Valley ranch in the Klamath Basin

Climate Change

Advancing Problem Solving Through Collaboration

We realize that we are in a climate change / drought environment and we must develop creative solutions for all people in the Upper Klamath Basin to survive and prosper.

We will be available to support solutions which other parties develop and will draft support letters, and even partner with those developers, if our support proves to be beneficial. We also will self-develop beneficial projects as we expect to be listening to most of the landowners and producers in the Upper Klamath Basin. These are the people who are closest to their land and its resources, and are proving to have many beneficial ideas but lack the resources to advance their projects.

Wood River Valley ranch in the Klamath Basin


Providing Opportunities and Advancement

We will provide the infrastructure to qualify the most beneficial projects for funding, whether it be public or private funds. The infrastructure will include introductions to parties who will be important to the project’s success, initial project design aid, science resources, modeling resources, scaling recourses, grant writing, engineering, publicity, and internet positioning.

Interested in becoming a member?

UKBAC members are Upper Klamath Basin landowners who are engaged in farming or ranching. They believe in farm/ranch resiliency and want to help find and benefit from solutions to our shared issues. There is no cost to become a member.