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curious cattle in Klamath Basin Sprague River Valley

Education is a Key Focus

Providing Resources to Aid Our Members

Education is a key focus for UKBAC. There are many resources available to aid our members. These resources reside in many disparate locations and we plan on finding resources, vetting the applicability of the resources and packaging them for most effective use. Examples include:

  • Drought relief
  • Water use efficiency
  • Riparian conservation
  • Rotational grazing
  • Stockwater well drilling
  • Rotating use of surface water among irrigators on the same system

Community Benefits

of Profitable Ranch & Farm Operations

We plan to build public support by showing the benefit to our communities of profitable ranch and farm operations. Cattle and hay are the principal products produced in the Upper Klamath Basin. Nearly all of these products are exported out of the Upper Klamath Basin, returning revenue which circulates through our communities. The ranches also provide open space, view sheds and recreation opportunities such as biking, fishing, hunting, river floating, and various activities on horseback and with sporting and working dogs.

We will provide community education on all the benefits that the agriculture producers and landowners provide our communities. We plan on hosting community events to promote building community strength and understanding how agriculture provides community benefit.

Local Agriculture – Local Food